About DS International ltd

Since 2003 our goal has been to provide the best existing quality products against skin problems caused by Demodex mites.

We were the first commercial company on the internet who made people aware about demodex mites and the harm they can do.

Over all these years we have helped thousands of people to improve/clear their skin.

We obtain all our products directly from the manufacturers, so the quality and origin is guaranteed.

We are the only authorised company from the ZZ Cream factory to sell on the web and we have the exclusive rights for the whole of Europe.

The success and quality of our products cause we are copied by other websites all the time, so please
be aware for fake products or products from unknown origin.

Any specialized company can make a sulfur and zinc oxide cream but because of the Chinese herbs in
the ZZ Cream which formula is protected by a patent, no other product can beat the ZZ Cream.

Since we don’t find on the market the Specific products we want, we are developing in co-operation
with the factories new products ourselves, products which really work and are safe to use.
This new products will be sold under our brand name DemSol.

The first one is a new mild foam cleanser without fragrance, removes make-up and is gentle for the skin,
Ideal to clean the face before using the ZZ Cream or any other day/night cream.This mild foam cleanser is already available in our web shop.

Our next product to come is a wonderful moisturizer, developed to repair irritated skin, reduces redness, helps against dark spots and of course moisturizes to keep the skin soft and gentle.

Please follow our company news on our website to stay updated


The DS international Team